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Loan consolidation is a credit transaction that includes different types of consumer credit such as personal loans.

Loan consolidation is a credit transaction that includes different types of consumer credit such as personal loans.

Group your loans (personal) with credit bureau

credit bureau is a non-exclusive agent in bank transactions and payment services, which is appraised in the credit buyback offers. The latter is experienced and has strong relationships with lending institutions in France since 1998. In this way, credit bureau has the opportunity to offer its customers the best rates in effect while granting them a privileged support through a single contact. credit bureau advisors are professionals in credit operations allowing you to benefit from the greatest expertise in the field. The quality of this professionalism is recognized by the ISO 9001 certification of AFNOR. An editorial over at

Loan purchase with personal credit: free simulation

credit bureau wanted to set up a free online simulation form. It allows each user to make a free simulation request from their computer or tablet. Guaranteed without commitment, this tool gives an initial estimate of the amount of the monthly payment obtained after a purchase of credits. This estimate can be refined by letting a member of the credit bureau team of advisors call you back. He will analyze the file and inform you of the result as soon as possible. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, choosing credit bureau gives you the experience, the professionalism and the confidentiality of your data.

Personal loan and credit pool: operation

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A repurchase of credit consists in gathering several loans within a single loan. One or more personal loans may be consolidated. The borrower also has the option of including in this transaction real estate loans and consumer loans. The main advantage of this buyout solution is to be adaptable to the situation of each client. Once the credits are collected, the borrower becomes debtor of a single credit whose monthly payment will be lower and the repayment period spread over time. Thus, its monthly debt ratio is reduced. The amount of the single monthly withdrawal will be adjusted to the borrower’s income. Two types of transactions exist, the purchase of consumer loans and the repurchase of mortgage loans. The operation may result in an increase in the total cost of credit.

Credit redemption file including personal loans

Credit redemption file including personal loans

To benefit from a credit redemption including a see more than one personal loan, it is necessary to constitute a complete file containing a certain number of information on the borrower (credits in progress, amounts remaining to repay, schedule) and to establish a balance sheet (calculation of the debt ratio, calculation of the remainder to live …) meeting the criteria of credit institutions. To optimize a repurchase of credit and be accompanied at best, it is ideal to use a banking intermediary. The role of this intermediary is to build the file and then send it to its banking partners to obtain one to several loan consolidation offers. The credit institutions then simply study the complete files and accept the application or reject it.

Definition of the personal loan

Personal borrowing is a form of unrestricted credit. That is to say that the establishment of loans does not know the destination of the funds released. The borrower freely disposes of the sum to finance the acquisition of furniture or other electrical household equipment. Unlocked funds can also be used to pay for work, a ceremony or even a travel project. The borrowed capital, which amounts from 200 to 75,000 euros, is paid in one go to the account of the borrower. Personal credit without proof is a loan whose monthly payments and interest rates are fixed and known to the borrower.

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