So you get a payday loan despite credit bureau entry

People who want to record a loan despite credit bureau have a hard time finding a bank. Still, it is not impossible to get a loan despite credit bureau’s entry. In Germany, it is impossible to find a loan despite credit bureau entry, so that alternatives must be sought. Loans in this form are rejected in principle, as the credit default risk for banks is too high. This loan can only be taken if the loan can be secured with a guarantor or other suitable collateral.

Credit intermediary for a payday loan despite credit bureau entry

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Credit intermediaries, which are mainly found on the Internet, work with banks that lend a loan despite credit bureau’s entry. These banks often sit abroad and do not work with the credit bureau. The loans are often given as a small loan, so that here too the risk remains as low as possible. Anyone who requires large amounts must bring corresponding collateral with them, so that a higher credit can be granted. Credit intermediaries have been working with banks for years, and they know which bank is taking which risk so that a high level of credit can be raised.

Borrowing unsuccessful – what can be done?

Borrowing unsuccessful - what can be done?

If all else fails and no credit can be taken, alternatives should be sought. With these, a sum of money can be taken without having to take out a loan. One of the ways is to mortgage his life insurance. Not every insurance company will give in, but still the customer should ask. Not infrequently, a life insurance can also be sold. But you should be careful and inform yourself. Not everyone who buys insurance, it means well.

Many have fallen for dubious providers and lose their life insurance and get not a dime. How much the sum will be depends on the repurchase value of the policy. The higher the repurchase value, the higher the total can be. Here, the credit rating of the customer is not checked, which is a big advantage! So no additional debts are taken up, but only part of the money is borrowed. So this form can be seen as an advance. It is possible to lend a life insurance or a pension insurance.

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