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Renovation bonuses: what’s new in 2019?

Renovation bonuses: what

Need to redo your roof? Or to change your chassis? Benefit from advantageous premiums from the Balloon Region. This year, the administration simplifies the procedure: a single file and a single window for all your requests. Other news: an auditor accompanies you at all stages, all income and landlords have access to premiums.

Renovation: an economic and ecological solution

Rebated by the prices of a new construction? Buying a home and transforming it is an excellent solution. A renovation has many advantages. Economic and ecological, renovating an existing home gives you the right to premiums. And to finance your work? Think about work and energy loans.

2019 Auto Show: Choosing Your Car Financing

2019 Auto Show: Choosing Your Car Financing

The car show closed yesterday but the conditions continue until the end of the month. There is still time to enjoy it. Installment sale, leasing, balloon credit, auto loan, what is the best solution to buy your car?

Assigned Loan, Unallocated Loan, What Differences?

Want a new car? Or the latest smartphone? A loan brings you the necessary funds to finance your purchases. Assigned loan or unallocated loan, what to choose? Thanks to the explanations of Credit policy, you will make the right choice.

Student loan: the solution to finance your studies?

Student loan: the solution to finance your studies?

Minerval, housing, textbooks and notebooks, computer … The expenses for the studies of your children can quickly burden your budget. Allowances, scholarships and student jobs only provide you with partial financial support. Credit is the best way to finance studies. Flexible, loan studies adapt to your needs.

How to do good business at the auto show?

Do you dream of a new car? Or do you need a van adapted to your professional life? See you at the 2019 Auto Show, which will take place from 19 to 27 January in Brussels. Take advantage of exceptional dealership offers and great rates for your car loan.

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