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Liberal professions, we have customized loan redemption solutions for you and especially at the best rates in force.

Liberal professions, we have customized loan redemption solutions for you and especially at the best rates in force.

Takeover of credit for a liberal profession: presentation

The so-called liberal professions are strictly regulated (diploma, deontology) and are represented in the health (pharmacist, doctor), the courts (bailiff, notary) as well as the family helpers. These professions have a very specific status and financial security more fragile than non-liberal employees. Credit consolidation solutions exist for these professionals and require real expertise, which can bring you credit bureau.

Two operations are possible:

  • the purchase of real estate loans (see here)
  • buying back consumer loans (see here)

A liberal professional can apply for a combination of credits in the context of private loans and/or professional loans. An in-depth study is then required to determine the feasibility of the project. At credit bureau, the study is conducted by an expert analyst specially trained for the profiles of liberal professionals. He will then proceed to the instruction of the file which will be followed by the sending to the banking partners carefully selected. Thanks to the diversity of these partnerships, the analyst will make sure to propose a repayment plan best suited to the needs of the professional borrower.

Specificities of Loan Repurchase for the Liberal Profession

With a professional status, the study for a grouping of credits in the framework of liberal professionals requires a larger list of justifications. Here is the list of additional documents to provide with the list of documents:

  • Last 3 statements 2035
  • Last 3 tax notices
  • Proof of business loans

Liberal profession: a particular borrower

Liberal profession: a particular borrower

The borrower whose main activity meets the statutes of the liberal profession has a particular profile. If his situation allows him to earn income above the average of other professions, the fluctuation of his salary prevails to be particularly scrutinized by credit institutions.

In response to these revenue changes during the year, the lending agencies offer short-term loans to these profiles that involve significant monthly payments. This weight on the monthly budget can be lightened by proceeding with a grouping of specialized loans for the liberal professions.

Liberal profession: the purchase of loan with credit bureau

The analysis of the situation of the borrower being professional liberal is essential in order to establish with precision the feasibility of the project. You should fill out the online application form, taking care to specify your professional status. It is also possible to add comments about your situation at the end of the form if it is necessary to specify your profile.

An analyst will be appointed to lead the feasibility study of the loan consolidation project, he will take care to contact you as soon as possible to take stock of your situation. Once the study is completed and the feasibility confirmed, the latter will be able to offer you one to several financing offers in line with the repayment capacities.

Loan redemption simulator for the liberal professions

Nurse, speech therapist, notary, accountant, the liberal professions are multiple in France. In order to guide them optimally in their grouping of credits, credit bureau provides them with a powerful online simulation tool.

Totally free and without commitment, the simulation only takes a few minutes to get a first estimate of the amount of the monthly payment obtained. The borrower exercising a liberal profession must provide information concerning his situation and his current loans.

This tool deployed by credit bureau is specific to the purchase of credits for the liberal professions.

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