Breach of Credit Professional LiberalBreach of Credit Professional Liberal

Liberal professions, we have customized loan redemption solutions for you and especially at the best rates in force. Takeover of credit for a liberal profession: presentation The so-called liberal professions are strictly regulated (diploma, deontology) and are represented in the health (pharmacist, doctor), the courts (bailiff, notary) as well as the family helpers. These professions […]

Credit Application for Bank BansCredit Application for Bank Bans

Once stuck at the SolidCare Bank for banking prohibition, is it still possible to borrow? The banking prohibition means that we have difficulties of payment, but the people under the prohibition of the banking prohibition often need liquidity, for the majority to obtain a means of transport or to unblock a difficult situation. has […]

Who is a professional credit broker help in getting a loan.Who is a professional credit broker help in getting a loan.

Acquiring difficult credit Before we tell you who a professional credit broker is, a few words about difficult credit. Applying for a difficult loan on your own by going to a bank branch in your area can only mean that we will leave it alone. Difficult credit is characterized by the fact that it is […]

Strike of personnel, credit personStrike of personnel, credit person

Loan consolidation is a credit transaction that includes different types of consumer credit such as personal loans. Group your loans (personal) with credit bureau credit bureau is a non-exclusive agent in bank transactions and payment services, which is appraised in the credit buyback offers. The latter is experienced and has strong relationships with lending institutions […]

Personal Credit Without Proof of Income: What You Need to KnowPersonal Credit Without Proof of Income: What You Need to Know

As its name indicates, that says personal credit without proof of income said loan granted without the debtor having to present supporting documents relating to his salary. This is one of the most popular credits, since it is easy to subscribe.   How does it work? In principle, before agreeing to a request for credit […]